World Consumer Outlook

The World Consumer Outlook provides the most accurate data on the future state of consumers and spending across the globe. It is updated 4 times per year to reflect the most recent economic and demographic shifts.

Our November release note is available now.

What is the world consumer outlook?

The latest consumer spending projections for 2024 through 2030.


The WCO aims to present the overall consumption trends for the short-medium- and long term in order for businesses to adjust their strategies.


The WCO breaks down consumer spending by demography, geography, and spending power.

According to the WCO:

0 M

people will be added to the consumer class in 2024


 countries will add more than 1M consumers in 2024

$ 0 T

in consumer spending will be added to the world economy

0 +

 this age group will add the most to the consumer class headcount

*consumer class defined as those spending above $12 daily

About Our Data

Our data is exclusively gathered from accredited sources, such as the World Bank, UN, IMF, OECD, IIASA, and EUROSTAT.
Granularity: Our datasets offer the highest amount of detail, including geography, age, gender, and spending segments. Consistent across the globe: With coverage in 180+ countries and expanding, our datasets provide a consistent perspective across the world. Forward-looking insights: Looking ahead until 2032, our datasets anticipate trends. Always current and accurate: our datasets are updated at least twice a year.
Twice per year we do a major update to all our input data. These updates are aligned with the biannual release of the World Economic Outlook (WEO) by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). New GDP forecasts from WEO replace long-term forecasts based on SSP (more specifically, SSP2). Throughout the year we update parts of the data as updates become available.

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