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How will COVID-19 impact the world's poor?

Join our next webinar on June 16th (10 am EDT/4pm CEST) featuring Dr. Homi Kharas, Co-Founder and Senior Economic Advisor of World Data Lab for an in-depth discussion about how COVID-19 is expected to impact the world's poorest people as well as the implications this has for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Brookings Future Development

Learning in East Africa

According to our latest research, educational attainment rates in Kenya and Tanzania are expected to increase over the next decade. We've pioneered a new subnational education modeling methodology and piloted it in Kenya and Tanzania.

Brookings Future Development

Turning back the Poverty Clock

Our post-COVID-19 estimate is that extreme poverty in the world will rise this year by about 50 million people compared to the original 2020 forecast, and by 40 million people compared to our 2019 estimate.

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