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World Data Lab offers forward-looking insights and forecasts on consumer trends, category spending, demographic shifts, cities, and progress towards the SDGs, up to 2034.

Webinar - 6000 Cities

Join us for an exclusive webinar event, “The Future of 6000 Cities: Decoding Future Urban Population and Spending through 2040”.


Future Consumers

Like the IMF’s World Economic Outlook for GDP – the World Consumer Outlook forecasts consumers and consumer spending in order to help decision makers budget and strategize.

The Future of Emissions

From our blog on World Economic Forum: is 2023 the year we reach peak greenhouse gas emissions?


Our Core Approach

We leverage advanced data science methodologies to model and forecast global trends, from the macro to the granular. Our approach, which has been peer-reviewed and published in Nature, emphasises a data-driven approach for accuracy and consistency in predictions across different demographics and regions.


Tracking SDGs in Real Time

We develop datasets and tools that track SDGs in real-time, including emissions, jobs, poverty, hunger, water scarcity, and health. These tools are developed as part of our mission to democratise data and make it accessible and actionable for everyone.

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World Data Pro is our platform to access data on the future state of the population, spending power, and consumer choices.