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Dr. Wolfgang Fengler

Founder & CEO

Dr. Patrick McSharry

Chief Analytics & Technology Officer

Luis Simones

Chief Revenue Officer

Dr. Homi Kharas

Co-Founder & Chief Economist

Dr. Reshma Sheoraj

VP of Strategic Engagements

Andreas Lichtl

VP of Finance, HR, & Legal

Dr. Patrick McSharry

CHIEF Analytics & Technology Officer

Dr. Homi Kharas

CO-Founder & Chief Economist


Dr. Katharina Fenz  Lead Data Scientist

Thomas Mitterling Lead Data Scientist


Matthew Cooper Data Advisor


Samuel Nzaramba Senior Data Scientist

Lukas Vashold Senior Data Scientist


Linda Karani Data Scientist

Tanya Akumu Data Scientist

Juan Caballero Data Scientist

Hamza Ghannem Data Scientist

Isabell Roitner-Fransecky Data Scientist

Maximilian Belschner  Data Scientist

Dylan Pattillo Data Scientist

Kalina Stoycheva  Data Scientist


Clement Nizeyimana Associate Data Scientist

Teodor Yankov Associate Data Scientist

Sourav Suman Associate Data Scientist

Tsion Assefa Associate Data Scientist


Jasmin Baier Data Visualization


Billy Koech Data Science Intern

David Crespo-Cuaresma Data Science Intern

Pranay Varada Data Science Intern

Ekaterina Glushkova Data Science Intern

Ana Sampaio Data Science Intern

Jude Ha Data Science Intern

Artur Starodaj

Engineering LEED


Igor Lyubin Senior Full Stack Developer


Matteo Soresini Frontend Developer

Konstantinos Douloudis DevOps Engineer

Isaac Coffie Data Engineer

Edis Ahmethodzic Junior Backend Developer


Natacha Harivelomandimby Frontend Development Intern

Catherine Deskur Tech Intern

Otis Milliken Tech Intern

Jonathan Haigh

VP of Product


Helder Mundim Product Designer

Miroslav Georgiev Junior Product Designer

Raquel Mendes Junior Graphic Designer

Luis Simones



Blandine Mayer Client Success Lead


Sally Dudleston Business Development Lead

Victoria Alexis-Arndt Senior Business Development Manager



Jack Gisby Strategic Initiatives Manager

Boralba Kapllani Strategic Initiatives Associate

Caroline Ida Strategic Initiatives Internship

Luis Simones



Anne Mason Senior Communication & Marketing Manager

Anne Kiknadze Communication Associate

Dr. Reshma Sheoraj

VP of Strategic Engagements


Melizsa Mugyenyi Lead & Deputy VP of Strategic Engagements


Jeannine Bednar-Giyose  Project Manager

Dirgantara Reksa Project Manager


Camille Zing Strategic Initiatives Associate

Andreas Lichtl

VP of Finance, HR, & Legal


Biljana Simic Senior HR Manager

Lara Rodrigues Radischat HR Associate


Stefi Gaal Executive Assistant

Amila Obradovic Executive & Finance Assistant 

Prof. Jesus Crespo Cuaresma Principal Advisor, Data Science

Prof. Ndemo Bitange Principal Advisor, WDL Africa

Mei Lin Fung Principal Advisor, Network Development

Florian Scholochow Principal Advisor, Strategy

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