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World Data Lab creates actionable, forward-looking data on consumer class and SDGs to promote a sustainable, inclusive and growing world.

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Dive into the heart of future consumer spending. It’s not just about how much the world will spend, but on what. 


WCO #2 Webinar

Like the IMF’s World Economic Outlook for GDP – the World Consumer Outlook forecasts consumers and consumer spending in order to help decision makers budget and strategize.

The Asia of Tomorrow

Dr. Wolfgang Fengler speaks on the significant opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for Asia, with a specific focus on India.

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Our Philosophy

We use state-of-the-art data science methodologies to model and forecast the global consumer class at a granular level. Whether segmenting the data into consumer categories or to aligning it to the sustainable development goals, we distill complex data into meaningful insights, empowering decision makers to confidently shape their strategies.


Tracking SDGs in Real Time

We develop datasets and tools that track SDGs in real-time: poverty, hunger, water scarcity, gender, and health. By combining new data sources with groundbreaking modeling methods, we help people and organizations make data-driven decisions to solve the world’s biggest challenges. These tools are developed as part of our mission to democratize data and make it accessible and actionable for everyone.


We collect and analyze data from consumer demographics and spending to progress towards the sustainable development goals.


Our projections provide a glimpse of what the future could look like, allowing stakeholders to maximize their impact.

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World Data Pro provides the most consistent intelligence on the future state of the population, spending power, and consumer choices


All of our data is exclusively based on top accredited sources, and steered by global thought leaders.​

Globally Harmonized​

We cover 99.5% of the world's population in 184 countries. Our data is updated 4 times per year and remains consistent across space and time.

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