What's new for the WCO#2?

The IMF has updated its forecasts, revealing significant changes in the 2024 trajectory for the US, China, Europe, and India, even as global growth shifts by only 0.1%. Join our webinar to explore the impact on consumer spending from 2024-2030 and how to adjust your strategies accordingly.


Updated 4 times per year to reflect the most recent economic and demographic shifts, the World Consumer Outlook provides the most accurate data on future consumer trends.



Gain a holistic understanding of consumption trends for the short, medium, and long term. This is essential for businesses aiming to align their strategies with market dynamics.


Understand how each country, region, age and spending group will contribute to the total consumer spending evolution.

Reliable Data

Our data science and methods are peer-reviewed and published by leading institutions and journals, such as Brookings and Nature. We only use data from global institutions (including the World Bank, UN, IMF, OECD, IIASA, and EUROSTAT) that develop global datasets in a rigorous manner.

Ensure your strategic planning is rooted in current and credible consumer demand trends. 


Register today and equip yourself with strategic forecasts from the World Consumer Outlook.

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