World Data Lab Launches First World Consumer Outlook

World Data Lab Launches First World Consumer Outlook


Vienna, Austria – World Data Lab (WDL) is launching its first World Consumer Outlook (WCO), which will provide an overview of the latest consumer spending projections for 2024 through 2030. The WCO  will be shared through a free webinar on May 31 at 8 AM EST/ 2 PM CET

“We are excited to launch the first World Consumer Outlook, where we will share the most credible projections on consumer headcounts, demographics, and spending for 2024 and beyond, everywhere in the world,”- Luis Simoes, Chief Revenue Officer of WDL.

According to the WCO:

  • The consumer class will grow by 113m people next year (stronger than 2023, where we project an additional 103m new consumers) markets remain dynamic, although India and Brazil are projected to grow less than expected 6 months ago
  • Consumer class spending is projected to grow around 1 percent faster than GDP in 2024
  • 14  countries will add more than 1m consumers next year but by 2030 some markets will experience a decline in the size of their consumer market, including Japan, Germany, and Italy.


The World Consumer Outlook takes a look at consumer spending. Many entities focus on presenting GDP, but DTC companies should look at consumption. The WCO aims to present the overall consumption trends for the short-medium- and long term in order for businesses to adjust their strategies. It breaks down consumer spending by demography, geography, and spending power. 

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About World Data Lab:

World Data Lab (WDL) is a leading data analytics company that offers data- and software-as-a-service to corporations and organizations around the globe, producing the most consistent and credible estimates for spending and demography. WDL’s data models are global, granular, and forward-looking and track the Sustainable Development Goals in real-time, helping provide unique insights for businesses. 

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