World Data Lab Joins the Development Data Partnership

World Data Lab Joins the Development Data Partnership



Vienna, Austria- World Data Lab (WDL), a global data enterprise specializing in predicting spending, demography, and development data, is delighted to announce its partnership with the Development Data Partnership.


“We are delighted to welcome World Data Lab as a new partner of the Development Data Partnership,” says Bert Kroese, Chief Statistician and Data Officer for the IMF. “Together, we can unlock the transformative potential of data to address pressing global challenges.”


The Development Data Partnership is a collaboration between international organizations and technology companies that aims to facilitate the efficient and responsible use of third-party data in the field of international development. By joining as a development partner, World Data Lab reaffirms its dedication to providing consistent, reliable, and forward-looking data to drive impactful decision-making in the global development arena.


We are honored to become the latest member of the Development Data Partnership,” says Wolfgang Fengler, CEO of WDL, “At WDL, we believe in the power of data to address complex global challenges. Through this collaboration, we will have the opportunity to enhance our collective efforts and contribute to sustainable development on a global scale.”


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About World Data Lab:

 World Data Lab (WDL) has a mission to create public goods that bring clarity to – and heighten the visibility of – some of the most complex challenges of our time, including the development of datasets and tools that track United Nations SDGs in real-time. To date, this includes tracking poverty, hunger, water scarcity, gender, health, and internet access in close cooperation with leading global organizations and governments (UNICEF, OECD, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and many more). By combining new data sources with groundbreaking modeling methods, WDL assists the public, governments, and other organizations in making data-driven decisions to solve the world’s biggest challenges. These tools are developed as part of our mission to democratize data and make it accessible and actionable for everyone. In short, making everyone count.