Population Mapping

Population Mapping

Our Spatial Demography team creates highly granular population density estimates at the 100 square meter grid level. This data is used by public agencies and development organizations for policy planning, project design, and census roll-out support. Moreover, private companies benefit from these models by being able to anticipate likely changes in demand in areas that are undergoing considerable change.

Thailand & the Philippines

In collaboration with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), we built a demographic forecasting model to estimate regional population in distinct age and gender cohorts.


In partnership with UNICEF and GAVI, we are producing population estimates by integrating satellite imagery and GIS data layers with micro-census, vital statistics, and survey data. In addition, we are implementing statistical techniques that combine georeferenced micro-census data with spatial covariates derived from remote sensing and other sources.


Our partnership with DANE, the Government of Colombia, and PARIS21 involved modeling demographic forecasts at the regional level to see how different age groups are expected to move over the next decade and how the demographic composition of certain areas will change.