Addressable Market Sizing

WDL quantifies and projects the addressable market sizes of any consumer category through combining machine learning techniques with the the interplay of several factors such as population, demographics, spending, education, employment, and consumer preferences.

Global Personal Care in 2030

Hexagonal FMCG demand in Europe

China vs. India

Today, more than half of the world’s consumers live in Asia, led by the momentum in India and China. These two countries now make up a third of the world’s population, a third of the global consumer class, and approximately a quarter of global consumer spending (in PPPs).


At 899 million people, China remains the country with the most populous consumer class, whereas India’s is only half that at 473 million. Their growth in 2023 is comparable, with China’s consumer class growing by 36 million and India’s by 31 million. However, estimates that China will continue to have a larger consumer class for at least the next two decades. China will become the first country to reach 1 billion people in the consumer class around 2026/27.