Dive into the heart of consumer spending. Not just how much the world will spend, but on what – from 2024 to 2030, in 180 countries. From food to shampoo, clothing, transport or housing, we will share a quantified view of where global purchasing power will be directed to support your strategy and budget planning activities. 

Beyond the numbers, you will discover how economic and demographic trends will affect consumer spending choices.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

Strategizing for the Future

Gain clarity on the upcoming consumer spending trends; what choices consumers will make and how much different categories will grow.

Consumer Trends and Economic Perspective

Dive deep into the food, beverage and personal care categories. Explore their anticipated growth, trajectory, and the demographics steering these shifts.

Demographic Lens

Which demographic groups or cohorts will be the driving forces behind growth in 180 countries, and how significant will their impact be?

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Dr. Wolfgang Fengler
CEO World Data Lab
Main Speaker
Luis Simoes
Chief Revenue Officer World Data Lab


Dr Reshma Seoraj
VP of Strategic Engagements World Data Lab