23 out of 47 districts
in Kenya are expected to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030
Unleash the power of
data-driven decision making
Track poverty and income at the subnational level
World Data Lab aims to
deliver insights to everyone
An appetite for innovation drives WDL to push the
boundaries of what is knowable and actionable. We specialize in developing granular economic, demographic and health forecasts for every country and any point in time.
Our partners and clients are leading organizations in the public, private, and international development sectors. Our products are diverse, combining advanced data modeling techniques with sleek design concepts.
Data you can trust.
We source data from high-quality international, national, and sub-national providers. We build models engineered by thought leaders in economics and data science, and we vet our methodologies via peer-review processes.
Design that inspires.
To be effective, world-class data must be married with good storytelling. Our interactive tools are all built using the same underlying design philosophy: make the data come alive through powerful client experiences.
Tools that deliver.
We offer a range of options for accessing our data. Off-the-shelf products – web tools, reports, stand-alone data, licensing for digital assets, and API – as well as custom-built solutions are available.
Our data is robust,
and growing
Income data
Economic data to power a range of products which support private, public, and social sector decision-making.
Demographic data
Forecasts up to the year 2100, covering 97% of the world's population, to enable long-term project design, strategic and policy planning.
Merge of Income
& Demographic
Enabling granular identification and targeting of customers, beneficiaries, and vulnerable populations over the medium-term.
Health Risk Factors
Life expectancy estimates that factor in health risks including smoking, diabetes, alcohol abuse,
malaria, and more.
Subnational data
Provincial, state, and city-level income and demographic forecasts for select countries
through 2030.
Geo-spatial data
Nightlight and daylight data that measure the distance to markets, built-up areas, and land-cover types at the highest degree of resolution possible.
Have a different data need? Contact us via email at hello@worlddata.io
Our tools have
broad applications.
World population project
Population.io is the world's most complete data set on human life. It calculates the life expectancy of any person, born on any date, in any country in just a few seconds. To date we have received over 3 million visits and numerous mentions and endorsements, including Bill Gates on Facebook.

We constantly create and refine new datasets to give the most granular life-expectancy estimates possible. We've factored in risk factors like diabetes, smoking, HIV, heart disease (and more) to provide an increasingly personalized and goal-oriented approach to modern medicine.
Current world population
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Global income project
The World Poverty Clock is a global income database that provides real-time projections on the number of poor, middle class, and wealthy members of each country's population.

We aim to raise awareness of Sustainable Development Goal 1, to eradicate extreme poverty by equipping policy-makers with the most vital tool available to combat poverty: knowledge.

To inform the World Poverty Clock, we developed subnational income forecasts for all 47 districts of Kenya. We are replicating this model for Pakistan, Indonesia, and more countries coming soon.
People living in extreme poverty
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Web tool for Market Projections
Market Pro is a unique webtool that empowers marketing, strategy, and development professionals to visualize in real-time which markets offer the greatest opportunities for their products or services.
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Mentions & Accolades
“WDL’s data-sets are essential in our business strategy, helping us focus
our resources in the right markets.”
― L’Óreal
We have used the data on middle class spending in various reports on emerging markets, it was unique and valuable
― John Lomax
Emerging Market Equity Strategist, HSBC
“ This site is fascinating - you plug in your birthdate, country, etc. and see where you fit in the world. “
― Bill Gates
Thought Leaders
Our global network unifies experts from diverse fields: business, tech, economics, and demographics, to help organizations embrace data-driven decision making, refine their market strategy, measure impact, and realize key goals.
Homi Kharas
Homi Kharas is a Senior Fellow and Deputy Director in the Global Economy and Development program. In that capacity, he studies policies and trends influencing developing countries, including the emergence of the middle class, and global governance, and the G-20.
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Mei Lin Fung
Mei Lin, alongside Vint Cerf, co-founded People Centered Internet to improve the lives of the global poor by collecting big data that can be used to transform communities.
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Florian Scholochow
Florian Scholochow is the co-founder and CEO of mohemian, a European tech company, which leads and supports many successful ventures worldwide. He acts as technical and strategic advisor.
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Ndemo Bitange
Bitange Ndemo is a former Permanent Secretary of Kenya's Ministry of Information and Communication (2005-2013). Over the course of his career, he has championed many transformative projects related to ICT, infrastructural, and development programs. He currently lectures on entrepreneurship and research methods at the University of Nairobi's Business School.
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Jesus Crespo Cuaresma
Jesus Crespo Cuaresma is a leading academic specializing in macroeconomics and applied econometrics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Together with WDL, Jesus has developed the econometric framework to project poverty rates worldwide at the national and subnational level. He provides methodological input to the modeling of linkages between demographic characteristics and income dynamics.
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Kristofer Hamel
Kristofer Hamel is Chief Operating Officer at World Data Lab. For twenty years, Kris has helped global organizations, including the World Bank Group, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and Forrester Research, design and deliver innovative projects and products.
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