The Future of 6000 cities Webinar

The exclusive webinar event, “The Future of 6000 Cities: Decoding Future Urban Population and Spending through 2040,” has concluded. However, you can still delve into the insights we uncovered. Explore the consumer spending trajectory of over 6000 cities, encompassing 2.7 billion people, constituting 59% of the urban population, and extending up to 2040. As part of the most granular urban dataset ever created, we will share striking city trends on headcounts, age, and spending groups.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

Strategic Planning Insights

Gain exclusive insights into consumer spending patterns and demographic trends across more than 6000 cities worldwide.


Discover projections for urban population growth and spending behavior up to 2040.


Uncover the most significant trends shaping the future of urban markets

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Dr. Wolfgang Fengler
CEO World Data Lab
Main Speaker
Luis Simoes
Chief Revenue Officer World Data Lab


Dr Reshma Seoraj
VP of Strategic Engagements World Data Lab