Our team

We are passionate about creating data and insights that can change the world.


Katharina Fenz

Lead Data Scientist

Martin Hofer

Lead Data Scientist

Thomas Mitterling

Lead Data Scientist

Tomas Sako

Lead Data Scientist

Maximilian Thomasberger

Lead Data Scientist

Dylan Patillo

Data Analyst

Benjamin Mueller

Data Analyst

Jasmin Baier

Data Analyst

Product and Technology

Iva Lohovksa

Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product

Iskra Uscumlic

Head of Design and User Interaction


Technology implementation support

Sara Biazar

Product Management Lead

Apolinário Passos

Product Tech Lead

Ana Santos



Peter Lehre

Account Manager

Baldwin Tong

Marketing and Social Media Manager


Kris Hamel

Chief Operating Officer

David Tedeschi

General Counsel


Homi Kharas

Principal Advisor, Economics

Florian Scholochow

Principal Advisor, Strategy

Jesus Crespo

Principal Advisor, Data Science

Mei Lin Fung

Principal Advisor, Network Development

Ndemo Bitange

Principal Advisor, WDL Africa

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