This year’s annual update on the Internet Poverty Index, created by the World Data Lab and the Internet Society Foundation, will feature updated global country-level data on internet poverty. Additionally, a new subnational model for Kenya, Ethiopia, and Indonesia will be introduced, providing insights into the regional affordability of mobile internet packages. We will also share emerging insights on internet poverty in Africa from research commissioned by the Templeton Foundation.

IPI has developed over the various phases:

2022: IPI 1.0 – contained a national internet poverty index for 169 countries

2023: IPI 2.0 – contained a national index for 169 countries, with internet poverty broken down into age and gender as well as the introduction of the Big Byte Index. In this version we also included the prices for our basic package of mobile internet to the platform

2024: IPI 3.0 – new index (similar features to IPI 2.0) + subnational internet poverty for three countries