Data for Solving
Global Challenges

World Data Lab specializes in creating economic and demographic models that help organizations make data-driven decisions. Our global team of data scientists, economists, demographers, and developers are passionate about combining new data sources with groundbreaking methods to push the frontiers of what is knowable.

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Granular models of income for every country—based on peer-reviewed methodologies

Leveraging data science to support reaching Sustainable Development Goal 1

The world's first global life expectancy model and custom spatial demography models: population density + age structure

Health Modeling

Anticipating the incidence and prevalence of fundamental human health conditions worldwide is critical information. With such data, advocates, public policy agencies, and NGOs have a greater chance of developing campaigns that can truly improve the lives of millions. Our custom health models aim to serve precisely this need.

Methodology: Prevalance Forecasting allows individuals to visualize their relative place in national and global populations by computing a user’s life expectancy and illustrating how long the user would live in different countries. is based on the UN World Population Prospects, as well as methods created by Samir K. C., Professor at the Asian Demographic Research Institute of Shanghai University and World Population Project Leader at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

As an extension of, WDL has created a global health model based on data from IHME and UN data which computes individual life expectancies when different health risk factors and diseases are introduced. First, “death rates” are computed based on prevalence and mortality data. Next, these rates are used to create “life tables” for persons affected by different diseases. Finally, life expectancies are extracted as a primary output.

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Putting Our Data
To Work
Global Birth Modeling We developed a custom model to estimate and forecast the number of human births worldwide—and in specific target cities—to support UNICEF's outreach campaigns. Get a quote
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Joining Forces For
Better Health

Building on the proprietary demographic engine underpinning, we are able to estimate and forecast the incidence and prevelance of many human health conditions in every country of the world. Our models can incorporate both public and proprietary data to paint a rich picture of life expectancy, infection rates, and mortality.