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How is COVID-19 affecting America’s rich?

Even though the number of affluent Americans has shrunk by more than 12 percent since the coronavirus outbreak, there are still more than 100 million Americans who spend at least $110 a day. The United States is special as it has a disproportionate share of people who spend above this threshold (in 2011 PPP).

The New York Times

COVID-19 and Africa’s Growing Middle Class

Dr. Homi Kharas, Co-Founder and Senior Economic Advisor of World Data Lab, is featured in The New York Times article "Coronavirus is Battering Africa's Growing Middle Class". According to our latest estimates, the African middle class may drop by around 8 million due to the coronavirus.

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Granular USA Spending Data

The most granular spending power and demographic forecasts of the United States available to date. See how the country will change over the next decade.

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